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"Fran Springer, in my opinion, is a "rare gem' in the Design Industry.

She is a treasure, multi-faceted, colorful, and complex.  Fran's inner beauty combined with her high energy and amazing spirit make her a true professional in every sense of the word. I have known Fran professionally for many years, and have had the wonderful opportunity over the past 3 years to work with Fran Springer Interiors on building our dream home.

She has played an instrumental part in the process. from inception to completion in the planning of our home. She reworked the entire main living space 'tirelessly' until it was absolutely perfect for our family I can say with complete confidence, that our dream house would not have happened had it not been for Fran Springer She was not only able to solve critical design/construction issues, but she played a key role on the team. working hand in hand with the builder and the architect. She often saw things that no one else saw or considered. Her attention to detail is unparalleled.

Fran was able to 'get' our vision, and every step of the way she worked to blend all of our desired architectural features within the 'whole' interior& exterior of our home. Never once did she lose sight of our goal. She made a study of our lifestyle, goals, and taste....and then she lived it with an intensity I've never witnessed.

Whether it was the change from cultured stone to American Granite on both fireplaces, the concept of a Banquette in the kitchen eating area (to save space), discovering a hundred year old barn beam for a fireplace mantel, or designing hand-tooled railings. balusters and newels for our staircase, her instincts captured our wishes. She knew the kitchen needed a second island, she was instrumental in the design and construction of every custom cabinet in our home, as well as working with local finishers to master complex layered finishes and hardware—Fran performed beyond our wildest dreams.

Along with her incredible talent and impeccable taste Fran has heart She brings her heart with every step of the process, and for this I am overwhelmingly appreciative. We will love our dream house for all the years ahead, and we owe that largely to Fran Springer Interiors."

— Barbara Silver Shumway and Charles Shumway

"Oddly enough, when we moved to Pittsford, NY seventeen years ago, we "found" Fran through a business card she had put in some Welcome Wagon packets. It has been one of the most valuable business cards we have ever owned. Fran transformed our nice but plain home into our dream home. When the opportunity came to move to a bigger, finer home, we just didn't. There was no need to. We already live there. Our home was built in 1993 as part of a track of homes on an old farm field. It was very plain and simple on the inside with few architectural details. It was basically a box with beautiful windows and open spacious rooms. Through the years, Fran has helped us go from room to room and transform our simple house into a gracious, beautiful home full of character and warmth. It has not been simple. We have knocked down walls, created arches, built bookcases, added wainscoting, torn out the kitchen, redone floors, added incredible lighting to poorly lit areas, and of course added detail after detail of color, fabric and decor. Simply put, we love it and LOVE Fran. She does beautiful work and is a beautiful person inside and out. She will work tirelessly for you and get the job done. The final product just may be so good, you may never move again."

— Jeff and Penn Tyler

"We have worked with Fran Springer on several projects in our home. In the past, Fran Springer Interiors coordinated, designed, and executed a total kitchen renovation, with a hand-picked team of professionals. She is presently working with us on redecorating our living room.

Fran is masterful in her attention to detail. She listens to the client, and then works tirelessly to provide the highest quality of materials and design ideas that will suit the clients needs. She is able to organize the delivery of a project with amazing grace, and her concern is clearly pleasing the client as opposed to any gain on her part.

She is generous of spirit, talent and time.

We cannot stress enough, that the result of her work, is a living space that will both please and 'wow' you.

Fran's vision and execution are both superb She has a unique ability to work with the client to create a space that will be both gorgeous and livable."

— Donna and Floyd Bayley


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