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The Design Team

Ashley Dermody

AshleyAshley graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelors Degree in Interior Design and Art History, and she has been a member of  Fran Springer Interiors team for  two years.  Ashley has assisted Fran with all aspects of the design process, including  kitchen cabinets and entertainment unit layout,  coordinating  communications with clients, vendors, and contractors, and final finish selections.   Ashley has assisted in our project management and seeing projects through to the final stages of completion.  She is gifted, and has a keen eye and sensibility for scale, pattern, & color, associated with making selections for upholstery and drapery fabric connected with current and past clients.  Ashley has shown at the early stages of her career to be immediately insightful to the wishes and needs of each client, including the initial encounter to review project scopes.  Her talents in design technologies such as computer aided design have been key in providing design concepts and visualization for our clients.

John Springer

John SpringerEstablished and well-known in the Rochester community and Naples Florida for his 30+ years of experience in commercial construction,  John Springer has been a valuable asset to our Design/Construction team.

He is articulate, and well versed when it comes to helping clients understand the building process, and has synthesized details  in a way that strengthens the planning and organization of  project  execution.

In connecting Architects & Designers with Commercial and Residential Clients, John’s addition to our firm has enhanced our ability to value engineer the woodworking and construction on all of our  projects.  He has been instrumental in cost savings,  and creating the most efficient design.

John has his LEED AP BD+C certifications, and has a certified license to build homes in the State of Florida.

Phil Herzog

Phil HerzogPhil has been with us for 8 years, and we don’t know what we ever did without him. He is  most creative and versatile as a craftsman, and has a precise hand and eye when it comes to work that others say can’t be done. Coming from the furniture refinishing business over 35 years ago, he has a wealth of “tools in his box.”

From something as simple as removing brittle  moldings and trim that are 100 years old, and must remain intact, to the most sophisticated installations of window treatments , artwork & complicated furniture pieces, Phil has become the Master.

When we receive CAD drawings for a custom piece of furniture in our line, Phil is able to build parts of it out of cardboard, in order to be sure it fits into a custom arch. Preparation is his motto, and he is most known for being careful with the most valuable and fragile furnishings while installing them in our clients homes…..we say, “we would trust him with our lives.”


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